The creators of Republika Srpska

...International Community Seeks to Abolish Republika Srpska ...!!!

Republika Srpska should be abolished

Republic Srpska is state inside the state of Bosnia and Herzegowina.This entity is made during the agression on Bosnia by genocide,holocaust and exodus of bosnian people from places where they live for long time.By this project which is part of bigger project called THE GREAT SERBIA, bosnian ortodox who liked to called himself Serbs (which they are not becouse they are born on bosnian land) whant to destroy Bosnia and part of bosnian land connect to Serbia.Bosses of this project in Bosnia are Radovan Karadzich,Momchilo Kraishnik(now prisoned),Ratko Mladic, and of course Biljana Plavsich(now prisoned).Those people speaking about that Bosnia for centyries belong to Serbs (same story serbian politicians now speak for Kosovo) and by that they are aprove genocide over bosnians which is condemned by chetnicks.To cover what they doing they make constitute of Republic Srpska so they can say to the world they are fight for the own land which is not truth.Also those criminals whant to make another entity in Krajina called Republic of Srpska Krajina but bosnian army prevent that to happen during agression.During agression on Bosnia chetnicks with politic whant to present to the world that bosnian soldiers are same like radical muslims so in that manner president of Croatia Franjo Tudjman in agreemnt with Slobodan Miloshevich in Karadjordjevo whant to take part of bosnian land to connect with Croatia so Franjo let radical muslim soldiers called vehhabs to cross the border so they can fight in Bosnia and doing that Franjo and Miloshevich can say to the world that all bosnian soldiers are muslim radicals.
But bosnians defend own land by himself and influence of those radical vehhabs on front was very small.But on the other hand Republic Srpska stayed becouse chetnicks killed lot of bosnians on this theritory.

So right now the government of Republic Srpska is in Banja Luka and politicians in this government whant to stopped everything which is god for bosnian people,laws for returners,police laws,social laws for bosnian soldiers etc.They dont give shit about corpses who are barryed all over Republic Srpska which is actually one big grave yard.Politicians from R.S. hide behind democratic and revleft philosophy which is connect with EX-YU symbols, and thry all the time to rationalise chetnicks war crimes saying that on all sides was a war crimes.On bosnian side war crimes happened incidently.On chetnicks side war crimes was systematic by raping bosnian females,killing bosnians which they are finished colledges,stealling,burning the houses,exodus,concetration camps,mass graves etc.

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